Parties include life, property, and health insurance companies; service providers (management and billing companies, software licensors); manufacturers; retailers; contractors; sales and marketing companies; technology vendors; family limited liability companies; employers; employees; officers and directors; law firms; healthcare providers; national banks; federal banks; investment banking firms; public companies; and stockholders.

Arbitrator in 9-figure dispute over federal antitrust claims of price fixing, conspiracy and injunctive relief; 9-figure tax advice dispute; 9-figure fraud and RICO claim dispute between HMO and IPA; 9-figure dispute involving a merger, acquisition, stock purchase, tax allocation, declaratory relief, stock basis, tax losses, reorganization and indemnification; 9-figure dispute as to contractual interpretation of complex provider agreement between hospital system and national health insurance company; 8‑figure claim involving international energy exploration company and assertion of indemnification for environmental damage arising from drilling operations; 8-figure dispute between a large employer and its former General Counsel arising out of employment agreement involving breach of contract, international factoring, loans, distributions, net earnings, profit sharing, partnership agreement, insurance and breach of fiduciary duty; 8-figure dispute involving alleged breach of exclusive agreement for research, license, assignment of patented and trademarked products; 8-figure dispute involving regional energy company and consultant over fees for reduction of property tax assessments; 8-figure dispute over alleged breach of non-competition agreement; 8-figure physician management services dispute; 8-figure business interruption and rent dispute between hotel purchaser and seller; 8-figure dispute over royalty claims of licensing agreements; 7-figure dispute by cardiology limited liability company with regard to claims by several former members (cardiologists) as to rights to buy out equity interest, collateral, line of credit, letter of credit and redemption of ownership interest; 7-figure dispute involving asset purchase agreement and Employee Leasing Services Agreement; 7-figure dispute between lender and borrower as to default of incomplete construction of maritime facility and foreclosure and lender liability counterclaim; 7-figure dispute over sale of assets and claim of lack of going business concern status; 7-figure dispute between public companies over investment banking fee for financing and equity investment; 7-figure dispute over dissolution of an operating company and minority stockholder buy-out; 7-figure dispute between law firms over legal fees arising from national products liability class action and disputes of legal ethics and duties in context of multi-district litigation; 7-figure dispute involving breach by company to redeem shares and issues of warrants, dilution, convertible securities, earnings, profits, book value and surplus; 7-figure dispute over national exclusive manufacturing and distribution agreement; 7-figure dispute between international luxury automobile manufacturer and supplier of logistics services for that manufacturer; 7-figure dispute involving claim of accounting malpractice arising from the failure to detect embezzlement by an employee; 7-figure dispute involving claims by land owners for damage to property and costs of remediation due to significant oil spill; 7-figure claim by teaching hospital network against TPA and PPO; 7-figure dispute involving logistics industrial manufacturing supply contract; dispute involving insurer and 8-figure contract with pharmacy benefits manager; 7-figure dispute over exclusive licensing contract in multiple cities for internet discount coupon sales via mass marketing email; 7-figure dispute between public company and CEO over employment contract, non-competition agreement, stock options and allegations of self dealing; 7-figure bank dispute as to Participation Agreement, Factoring Agreement and Factored Accounts; 7-figure dispute over damages arising out of vehicular death; insurance marketing, underwriting and re-insurance contract dispute; dispute arising out of physician recruiting agreement termination and alleged HIPPA violation; breach of contract dispute arising out of termination of exclusive anesthesiology contract by hospital together with termination of privileges; dispute involving provision of a boat, barges and equipment to offload material from barges to docking facilities with fees to be paid based upon ship tonnage; dispute between national data transmission company and multi-state radio station transmitting sports events via broadcast, radio transmitter, and ISDN lines; business dispute to enforce non-competition, choice of law provision and declaratory judgment; legal fee dispute arising out of federal antitrust litigation; exclusive sales and marketing contract dispute; billing and coding dispute arising out of Medicare overpayment; dispute involving claim against bank and bank president; 5-figure contractual dispute over rescission of time share purchase; liquidation of LLC with seven figures in annual sales resulting from shareholders' dispute and assertion of breach of ethical duty; dispute involving claim for injunctive relief, Lanham Act, and breach of contract in 50 state contract for 11-figure over three years.

Arbitration and Mediation

             Alternative Dispute Resolution Resume

Current Employer/Title  Anthony M. DiLeo, A Professional Corporation

Profession     Attorney at Law, Arbitrator/Mediator

Work History Partner (1976-2005)/Associate (1973-75), Stone Pigman Walther Wittmann L.L.C.; Law Clerk, Judge John Minor Wisdom, U.S. Court of Appeals, Fifth Circuit, 1973; Law Clerk, Judge Alvin B. Rubin, U.S. District Court, Eastern District of Louisiana, 1971-73.

Experience   Over 40 years’ experience.  Listed in "Chambers USA: America's Leading Lawyers for Business, The Client’s Guide." Practice has included corporate, business, and partnership agreements, transactions, and litigation including tender offer, exchange offer, merger, and private placement of securities; antitrust, securities, shareholder, and tax litigation including U.S. Tax Court; banking and savings and loan restructuring for borrowers and lenders; income, estate, and gift tax planning; administrative law; and commercial litigation in all levels of state and federal courts.

Appointed by federal trial judge to national steering committee for multi-district litigation proceeding involving consolidated class actions. Appointed as Hearing Officer for the Commercial Real Estate Property Tax Appeals Board of Review, City of New Orleans, 2007. Appointed by Louisiana Supreme Court as State Bar Examiner in Corporations, Securities, and Negotiable Instruments, 1982-1984. Served on Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal's Hurricane Recovery Transition Advisory Council. Member of the Board of Commissioners of the New Orleans Morial Convention Center. Adjunct Professor of Law at Tulane Law School.

Present practice is business, corporate, partnership, LLC, and shareholder planning and transactions, including contracts, employment, and health care; expert witness testimony in several contexts, including attorneys’ fees, limited liability company agreements for members of a professional group, corporate governance, and standards for limited liability of a sole shareholder of a professional corporation; and arbitration and mediation. Martindale Hubbell AV Peer Review rating, 30 years. Recipient, first annual “CityBusiness Leadership in Law Award: New Orleans 50 Top Lawyers," 2005.  Recognized by Best Lawyers in America in the practice areas of Corporate Law, Employment Law–Management, and Health Care Law. Life Member of the American Law Institute.

  “Anthony DiLeo has a reputation as an excellent commercial arbitrator.”


  ” ... his national arbitration practice continues to be admired.”


America's Leading Lawyers for Business,

The Client's Guide

  ”Sole practitioner Anthony DiLeo splits his time between alternative dispute resolution, transactions in the healthcare sector and general corporate and business law. Known and respected by commentators as a ‘conscientious, intelligent and detail-oriented professional’ who has been a senior figure in the Louisiana legal community for decades, he is often called upon to proffer his sage advice on transactions of upwards of eight figures.”


America's Leading Lawyers for Business, The Client's Guide

  ”Parties and counsel who have used Anthony DiLeo would overwhelmingly use his services again and would, without hesitation, recommend him to others...”

Reviewers’ Feedback Digest

International Mediation Institute

The Hague, Netherlands

Mediation Experience  Has served as mediator for AAA, ICDR, and private parties in over 250 cases in several states and has mediated multiparty mediations with up to five parties.  Examples include a 9-figure claim by former partner against hospital system arising out of breach of fiduciary duty, unfair trade practice and antitrust claims; a 9-figure multiparty dispute involving antitrust and breach of fiduciary claims against hospital by physician ancillary group seeking treble damages; an 8-figure dispute between a national health insurance company and a large multi-specialty physician group; an 8-figure dispute over a software license and services agreement involving German and Canadian parties; an 8-figure dispute involving management and investment issues between four members of a privately held family real estate development corporation; an 8-figure dispute involving interpretation and modification of complex terms of several real estate partnerships; an 8-figure dispute between trustee in bankruptcy and multiple defendants regarding assertion of fraudulent conveyance of movable and immoveable assets, and seeking return of assets or cash amounts; 8-figure dispute involving a class action against a national bank with 17 state operations arising out of charges to customers for various bank services and allegations of breach of contract, unfair trade practice, detrimental reliance, and similar claims; a 7-figure dispute regarding termination for cause of evergreen employment contract of President of international energy company; a 7-figure mediation involving a dispute between a chemical manufacturing and supply companies; a 7-figure dispute between rehabilitation hospital and provider of wound care and hyperbaric oxygen chamber services involving long term contract; a 7-figure dispute between a corporation and employee benefits planning advisor regarding ESOP; a 7-figure dispute between partners over withdrawal from several operational and equipment partnerships and values of partnerships interests; a 7-figure dispute between a national insurance company, an excess insurer, and a hospital involving a disputed claim for health care services; a 7-figure legal fee dispute between an attorney and a law firm; a 7-figure dispute between a national health insurance company and a supplier of diagnostic services regarding medical necessity and compliance with regulatory requirements for billing; a 7-figure dispute between a hospital chain and a national health insurer; 7-figure dispute involving multiple broker claimants against multiple respondents arising out of employment and agreement for equity transfer in compensation and spin off of specialized broker/dealer from parent company; a 6-figure dispute between an automobile retail dealership and a national software and hardware company that provides accounting and data recordkeeping for automobile dealerships; a six-figure construction contract dispute between a contractor and subcontractor; a 6-figure employment dispute between a president of a national educational conference and the conference organizers; 6-figure dispute between an HMO and a hospital; a 7-figure dispute involving division of community property including undeveloped real estate located in a foreign country and spousal support; a dispute between 50/50 shareholders as to liquidation, dissolution, and asset transfer of salvage service company with annual income of eight figures; a dispute between a senior partner of a law firm and the firm as to fee division in contingency fee class action; and a mediation between two members of wholesale distribution company for buy-out of a minority interest, involving valuation, marketability, discounts, and negotiations with bank as to financing resulting in seven figure settlement for successful purchase of membership interest.

Issues Handled as a Mediator    Contract interpretation disputes; family business disputes; employment disputes; health care disputes including issues of over payments, claim denials, coverage, breach of contract, antitrust, exclusion from staff, and slander; insurance disputes including issues of contract coverages and limitations of coverage, causes of physical damage to property (including engineering and scientific analysis), and valuation of property.

Mediation of Claims by Property Owners Against Insurers for Damages to Buildings Has mediated more than 100 claims by owners of buildings against insurers for damages to those properties and the related construction costs, repairs, bid process, comparison of costs, analysis of costs, various methods of repair, proof of damage and coverage, and related insurance issues as to damage, repair, and  construction costs.

Has mediated hurricane-related insurance disputes between property owners and insurance companies. In this type of dispute, parties frequently exhibit visible symptoms of stress, and the mediation involves an emotional component, atypical to the business mediation, that must be addressed with focus and patience before the process can proceed and become more analytical.

Mediation Experience as an Advocate  Has served as lead counsel in the following mediations: represented a client in a complex mediation between two major stockholders of a large entity valued at more than $100 million in a dispute regarding stockholder voting rights and a shareholder agreement calling for liquidation of the company; represented a group practice in a physician employment contract dispute, practice valuation, and buy-out agreement; and represented a retail employer in an employee contract dispute with the key sales person which also involved allegations of sexual harassment.

Mediation Philosophy  Parties arrive at mediation with a history of conflict, and often a lack of trust. Some of that perception can be due to communication styles, and some can be due to differences in substance. As the only neutral party, I must obtain trust of the parties by demonstrating objectivity and bringing effective and creative problem-solving to a dispute.

My objective in mediation is to ensure a fair process with the primary goal of settlement. This objective requires an open discussion of the factual and legal issues beginning with face to face meetings between the parties in which they are permitted to explain their points of view as well as their interpretation of the issues in an environment of respect and inclusiveness.

I first encourage the parties to focus on the issues on which there is agreement, thus narrowing down the issues to be mediated. Throughout the mediation the emphasis is on listening and being heard, and on getting past emotion. This process often permits the parties to understand aspects of the issues, goals, and experiences of themselves and opponents not previously perceived. I also provide the opportunity, which I express in a private session, for a party to obtain a neutral and independent weighing of the risks and benefits of a position; this information often allows the parties to reassess their engagement in conflict.

My goal as a mediator is for the parties to come to an agreement on which they all agree and one which they fully understand, so that the agreement endures without either party challenging its provisions or disagreeing as to what was agreed upon. I assist in the process by asking the parties to talk to each other about what they think a proposed agreement means to them in terms of their goals.

In special circumstances where disputes involve high stress and frustration, I find it helpful to take note and pay particular attention to the emotional component of the mediation which reinforces our need as mediators to be focused, calm, patient, and unemotional ourselves. This approach does not change the ultimate legal or analytical process of the mediation itself or the method of proceeding with detailed analysis of the issues and outcome; rather it sensitizes participants to the very specific environment in which all of the legal and factual issues are being presented.

I find ineffective a mediator style that dominates the process by attempting to impose the mediator's personal opinion on the parties. In contrast, the resolution must be arrived at voluntarily and seen to be in both parties best interest in order for it to be enduring and bring closure to all levels of the conflict, whether business, financial, or emotional.



Professional Licenses    Admitted to the Bar:  Louisiana, 1970; District of Columbia, 1972; U.S. District Court, Eastern District of Louisiana; U.S. Court of Appeals, Fifth Circuit; U.S. Tax Court; U.S. Supreme Court.

Professional Associations   Elected to the American Law Institute, 1983; Louisiana Bar Association (Business, Corporate and Securities Law Section, Past Chair; Section on Health Care Law, Past Chair; Council on Administrative Law; Examiner in Corporations, Securities, and Negotiable Instruments, Louisiana Supreme Court appointment (responsible for writing questions and grading State of Louisiana Bar Examination in Corporations, Securities, and Negotiable Instruments), 1982-1984); American Bar Association (Business and Transactions Healthcare, Health Law Section, Vice Chair; Healthcare Fraud and Compliance, Health Law Section, Past Chair); New Orleans Bar Association (Committee on Revision of Articles of Incorporation, Past Chair, Executive Committee); American Arbitration Association New Orleans Regional Advisory Committee for Commercial Disputes (Past Member); Mediator certified by the International Mediation Institute, The Hague, Netherlands (Mediation is not an approved area of specialization by the Louisiana Board of Legal Specialization).

Education  Tulane University (BA, 1967; JD, 1970); Order of the Coif; Assistant Editor, Tulane Law Review; Awards in UCC, Gift and Estate Taxation, and Legal Research and Writing. Harvard University (LL.M., 1971).

Alternative Dispute Resolution Training  Faculty, ACI’s Annual Advanced Forum on Managed Care Disputes and Litigation - Managed Care Litigation Mock Arbitration Session, 2015; Practical Negotiation and Mediation Training by Master Negotiator and Mediator Eric Green, 2015; AAA Developments in Arbitration Law: Testing the Boundaries of Court Intervention, 2015; AAA Crossing the Line: New Developments in the Law of Arbitral Jurisdiction, 2015; College of Commercial Arbitrators Annual Meeting: Arbitration Compass Points: Collaborating on New Directions, Los Angeles, 2014; AAA Principled Deliberations: Decision-making Skills for Arbitrators, 2014; Faculty, ABA Section of Dispute Resolution, Arbitration Training: What’s Next for Healthcare Dispute Resolution; Faculty, American Health Lawyers Association and Hamline University School of Law Arbitration Training: Arbitrating a Health Law Case, 2012;  Faculty, Spring Judges' Conference of the Louisiana Judicial College, The Bridge Between Judicial Management of Cases and the ADR World, 2012;  Healthcare Payor Provider Arbitration Rules, 2011; AAA Neutrals Conference, 2010; Faculty, AAA Dealing with Delay Tactics in Arbitration, 2010; AAA Electronic Discovery in Arbitration: What You Need to Know, 2010; AAA and International Centre for Dispute Resolution (ICDR) Neutrals Conference, 2010; AAA Current Issues in Employment Arbitration: The Arbitration Fairness Act of 2009 Legislation and Recent Court Decisions, 2009; AAA and ICDR Neutrals Conference, 2009; ALI/ABA The Art and Science of Serving as a Special Master in Federal and State Courts, Washington, D.C., 2007; AAA Neutrals Conference, 2006, 2004; Large Complex Construction Mediation: The Dynamics of the Negotiation Team, 2009; Electronic Discovery in Arbitration, 2009; Mediator Ethics: Objective Standards and Subjective Practices, 2009; Arbitrator Update: Topical Issues and Case Law Arbitration, 2009; Faculty, AAA Chairing an Arbitration Panel: Managing Procedures, Process & Dynamics, 2005; AAA Arbitration Awards: Safeguarding, Deciding & Writing Awards, 2004; AAA Arbitrator Ethics and Disclosure, 2004; Arbitrator Update 2004, 2002; Faculty, AAA Ethics and Professionalism for Advocates in ADR, 2004; Faculty, AAA Ethics in Arbitration and Negotiation, 2003; AAA Commercial Arbitrator II: Advanced Case Management Issues, 2002; American Health Lawyers Association, Advanced Mediator Training Program, 2002; Faculty, AAA, The Non-Signor Cases: A Review of Jurisprudence in Which Parties Have Been Compelled to Arbitrate Even Though Not a Party to an Arbitration Agreement, 2002; AAA Commercial Arbitrator Training, 2000.

Publications and Speaking Engagements A partial list includes: 

Author, “Drafting Noncompetition Agreements For Statutory Compliance: Exceptions that Prove the Rule,” Louisiana Bar Journal, December 2011.

Author, "The Enforceability of Contractual Agreements to Arbitrate: A Survey of the Last Three Years of Jurisprudence," Louisiana Bar Journal, Oct/Nov 2008 (cited by La. Appellate Court). Lecture on same topic presented to New Orleans Bar Association, New Orleans, December 2008.

Author, "The Enforceability of Arbitration Agreements By and Against Non-Signatories: A Review of the Jurisprudence,” Journal of American Arbitration, May 2003. Lecture on same topic presented to AAA arbitrators, New Orleans,  July 2002.

Lecturer, “Arbitrating Cultural and Heritage Disputes” as to the unique nature of arbitration of title, ownership, and possession of rare and highly valuable artworks, AAA Webinar, December 2013

Trainer, 2-day Arbitration Training: Arbitrating a Health Law Case, American Health Lawyers Association and Hamline University School of Law,  Minneapolis, Oct 19-20, 2012.

Lecturer, “The Bridge Between Judicial Management of Cases and the ADR World,” 2012 Spring Judges' Conference of the Louisiana Judicial College, Lafayette, March 2012.

Lecturer, “The Arbitration Process,” The American College of Legal Medicine, New Orleans, February 2012.

Panelist and Speaker, “Judge Alvin B. Rubin: A Life of Ethics and Professionalism,” 18th Annual Judge Alvin B. Rubin Symposium, Federal Bar Association, New Orleans Chapter, May 2010.

Lecturer, “Dealing with Delay Tactics in Arbitration,” American Arbitration Association, New Orleans, March 2010.

Lecturer, “Recent Developments in the Law of Arbitration,” LSU Law School Recent Developments in Legislation and Jurisprudence program, New Orleans, November and December 2008.

Panelist and Speaker, "Effective Arbitration of Health Care Disputes," ABA/CLE National Teleconference, June 2008.

Lecturer, "Ethics and Professionalism for Advocates in ADR," American Arbitration Association, New Orleans, December 2004.

Lecturer, “Ethics in Arbitration and Negotiation,” American Arbitration Association, Dallas, September 2003.

Lecturer, "Ethical Duties of Lawyers and Arbitrators during Negotiations and Alternative Dispute Resolution," American Health Lawyers Association, Physician and Physician Organizations Law Institute, October 2002.


Arbitration Experience  Has served as sole arbitrator, chair/member of arbitration panel in more than 150 cases nationally with claims of over $2 billion. Arbitrated large complex cases and intermediate-sized cases that included business and corporate issues (stockholder rights, manufacturing and exclusive distribution rights, minority shareholder redemption, buy-out provisions, ownership valuation, audit issues, going business concern status, asset purchase agreement, book value, stock basis, surplus, dilution, tax sharing, tax losses, reorganization, indemnification, choice of law, royalty claims, licensing agreements, marketing agreements, partnership withdrawal, liquidation of operating partnership, partnership obligations, construction, real estate transactions); banking and finance issues (investment banking fees, warrants, convertible securities, credit agreements); employment (compensation, constructive termination, recruiting, non-competition); insurance (property, health, excess insurer, reinsurance); antitrust; fraud; defamation; intellectual property; assignment of patented and trademarked products; and healthcare (practice management, fraud and abuse, billing, coding, capitation).